It's In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves Parts 1 & 2

Full Album!

Part 1 - December 2016

Full Album!

Part 2 - March / April 2019

The Bugle

Nish is a regular co-host on The Bugle; the ultimate pan-global audio home of international satire.
The show is a weekly eruption of comedic comment about the world’s most, and least, important news stories.

Since its 2016 relaunch it has been hosted by Andy Zaltzman with his private militia of co-hosts including Wyatt Cenac and Hari Kondabolu from the US, Anuvab Pal from India, and, from the UK, Nish Kumar and Andy’s multi-podcast-award-winning sister Helen.
Old co-host John Oliver may even show up every now and then.

The Bugle

Here’s loads of clips of Nish being funny and / or interesting in person – often in podcast form.

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