Distraction Pieces

NOTE: This is from April 24th, 2019

Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 264 of the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the microphone standup comedian, presenter and fun uncle of podcasting NISH KUMAR!

Although they’ve been orbiting each other for a good while now, Pip and Nish haven’t yet met, let alone shared podcast time together – which is crazy considering how many mutual friends they have and podcasts they’ve each been on themselves! Well, the orbit has concluded its route and the circle may now be unbroken as Pip and Nish are finally here together! And what a lovely meeting it is too… Nish is the perfect guest too as he is deeply schooled in the trade of the podcast, having spent many an hour listening in and scheduling days around episodes – one of the topics that comes up in fact, how podcasts have changed the experience of the long car ride or the train journey. Enjoy the wide ranging chat which begins in films and rounds out nicely in the present and future, starting with their respective relationships with the cinema, Netflix and television in general, and moving onto Nish’s standup career and how much he enjoys introducing his crowds to new standups as his support, the legendary Taskmaster, the wonder of Josie Long, and right up to Nish’s ‘Mash Report’ (aka ‘Nish Report’), and the importance of everyone pulling in the same direction. Very entertaining from start to end, don’t miss this one people!

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