Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast 2016

NOTE: This is from August 10th, 2016

RHLSTP #109: Hello, I’m Godot – Nish Kumar. Richard is worried that it is he who jinxed 2016, though hopefully by the time this comes out he himself will have succumbed to this cursed year. The guest is Richard’s backdoor neighbour (no, literally), Nish Kumar. They discuss working with Blue in Ibiza, the kinds of things that go on on Alan Carr’s New Year Specstaculars, Bush based egging and shitting, what Nish and his girlfriend were in deep discussion about when Rich passed them at the Westfield the previous day, worrying post-Brexit developments and the difficulty of maintaining anger when you’re successful. Also we find out about the St Olave’s Grammar School Comedy Mafia and appearing in a groundbreaking production of Waiting For Godot

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