THAT Podcast Ep4 Part 2

NOTE: This is from May 27th, 2021

4.2 – THAT PODCAST with NISH KUMAR… where we feel the pull of Wanderlust – PART TWO

THAT PODCAST… where we feel the pull of Wanderlust and travel the world with our imaginations, and also sometimes our feet – PART TWOFollowing the flights of fancy and fantasy of part 1, host Nish Kumar interrogates some of the more difficult aspects of travel in a pandemic as he considers those whose journeys are to seek refuge and asylum, the rhetoric around immigration and Britain’s colonial legacy and the future of travel in a time of climate change.This part features a commission by novelist and playwright Dina Nayeri, as well as accounts from Luke Murphy, asylum seeker-turned-foodbank organiser MD Mominul Hamid and an interview with Professor Kehinde Andrews.

Content Warnings – human trafficking, modern slavery

Episode 4, Part 2 credits:

Host – Nish Kumar

Guest – MD Mominul Hamid

Guest – Professor Kehinde Andrews

Guest – Luke Murphy

Commissioned piece:

We Still Have Our Feet by Dina Nayeri

Dina – Nathalie Armin

Halimah – Anissa Murad

Filippo – Philip Arditti

Sam/Halimah’s Father – Scott Karim

Camp Worker/Halimah’s mother – Lisa Zahra

Director – Tinuke Craig

Sound Designer – Mike Winship

Writer – Dina Nayeri

Host script – Jennifer Bakst and Nish Kumar

Interview sound recording – James Hingley

Testimonials Research – Aina J. Khan and Ruth McKee

Music – BMG Production Music

Production Co-ordinator – Madeleine Sharma

Assistant Producer – Ben Quashie

Producers – Andrew Hughes and Sarah Jane Murray

Series Producer – Ben Walker

Commissioning Editor – Jennifer Bakst

Executive Producers – Robert Delamere and Richard Twyman

THAT PODCAST is a Storyglass and ETT co-production


For more information on MD Mominul Hamid’s food bank:

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