And here's an archive of 14 articles Nish has written.

Like the prime minister, I have decided now is not the time for personal growth The Guardian, 24th April 2021

Boris Johnson stopped me getting fit – but he couldn’t come between me and my guitar The Guardian, 30th December 2020

Edinburgh’s cancelled. So why am I still dreaming about performing naked there? The Guardian, 28th July 2020

Wiley’s racism flowed because social media is a petri dish of hate The Guardian, 27th July 2020

‘Can I just marry a French friend?’: Nish Kumar answers all your pressing Brexit questions The Guardian, 9th April 2019

My name is Nish Kumar – so please stop calling me Nish Patel The Guardian, 3rd December 2018

The diary of David Davis, aged 69 years and one week The Guardian, 30th December 2017

So it’s Shakespeare out and Shaggy in at Cambridge? The Guardian, 29th October 2017

Want to change your look? We have an app for that The Guardian, 13th August 2017

Fathers know best. Just look at Neymar’s dad The Guardian, 6th August 2017

We are living in The West Wing written by Adam Sandler – no wonder we’re looking to snack companies for sanity The Guardian, 25th October 2016

Schoolmates used to ask me about Indian trains. I can now confirm British ones are worse The Guardian, 14th August 2016

Calling Donald Trump: here’s how to handle an infant heckler The Guardian, 3rd August 2016

No one told me to ‘go home’ for 16 years. Then we voted for Brexit The Guardian, 27th July 2016